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Uruguay: the world's laboratory for marijuana legalisation

The Guardian: If the marijuana legalization proposal becomes a law, Uruguay will be the first country to legalize the cannabis commercialization, a move other countries will no doubt watch and maybe follow. "It is not like 'viva la pepa' (let the good times roll ...
Poll Finds Overwhelming Support For Marijuana Legalization In Washington D.C.

- 5 days ago @ washington dc marijuana legalization A campaign to legalize cannabis in Washington D.C. turned in over 57,000 signatures to get their initiative on the 2014 ballot. Less than half of those signatures need to be valid in order to gain ballot approval ...

Chris Christie, In Colorado, Slams Legalized Marijuana -- Unlike Rand Paul

- 5 days ago @ Those new revenues might not be worth the trouble if drug warriors' fears came true and marijuana legalization was accompanied by a major crime wave. However, in the six months that marijuana has been legal, the Denver Police Department has reported a ...

The Public Lightens Up About Weed

- 5 days ago @ In 2013, for the first time in over four decades of polling on the issue, prohibition was a minority position. Fifty-two percent said they favored legalizing marijuana use; 45 percent were opposed. It seems likely that the legalization majority will ...

New York Times Editorial Board Calls for Marijuana Legalization

- 5 days ago @ The editorial comes as states across the country have begun to challenge conventional marijuana laws. Washington and Colorado legalized the sale of marijuana this year, and New York legalized the use of medical marijuana earlier this month. The Times ...



Justin Trudeau's pot stance in line with 1 in 3 Canadians, poll suggests

Despite the best efforts of the Conservatives to use Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's support for marijuana legalization against him, his position may not be a political liability after all, according to a just-released poll commissioned by the federal Justice Department earlier this year. A phone survey conducted by Ipsos Reid between Jan. 30 and Feb. 7, 2014, found that more than 60 per cent of ...

Major Oregon marijuana critic lays out his case against legalization

The Oregonian: Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis says he and other law enforcement officials won't have much money to battle the marijuana legalization measure on the November ballot. But he hopes that Oregon voters will once again vote against ...

After Two Epileptic Children Die, Governor Asks to Speed Up Marijuana

Village Voice (blog): Governor Andrew Cuomo sent a letter to acting Commissioner of Health Howard Zucker on Tuesday asking Zucker to consider expediting the medical marijuana legalization specifically for epileptic children in New York. Cuomo's letter comes after two ...

Editorial: Online survey seeks Granville views on marijuana legalization

The Newark Advocate: The web page is The survey asks just two questions. The first is whether it's best to ask Granville voters to consider medical marijuana, further decriminalization, full legalization or making marijuana law enforcement's lowest ...

Is marijuana legalization inevitable?

The Cannabist: Surely, that's an opinion profile that will change as more states decriminalize or legalize marijuana and polls become even more lopsided in favor of such policies. However late The New York Times may be to the debate, it is surely right that marijuana ...

Wonkblog: The federal government’s incredibly poor, misleading argument for marijuana prohibition


Why gay marriage has had more success than marijuana legalization, and what

Quartz: Nearly two decades ago, Americans' support for both marijuana legalization and same-sex marriage was virtually equal. About one-quarter of US citizens was in favor of each, according to Pew Research Center polling at the time. But that year, 1996, the ...

National Marijuana Legalization: How Much Tax Revenue Could It Bring In?

How Much Tax Revenue Could It Bring In?


Same Sex Marriage


United Nations




Social Security


Election Results



New York Times Calls For Legalizing Marijuana Roundtable weighs in on marijuana legalization. Meet the Press. The New York Times on Saturday called for the federal government to repeal its ban on marijuana, likening the federal law outlawing the drug to the failed prohibition of alcohol in the ...

New York Times Calls for Ending Federal Ban On Marijuana ... for cocaine, heroin and other drugs derived from those substances. The Times said marijuana should only be available to people over 21 years old. Washington and Colorado have legalized recreational marijuana use, and other states are considering it.

New York Times calls for marijuana legalization

Yahoo News: And earlier this month, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill making New York the 23rd state to legalize marijuana for medical use. In another recent move reflecting growing public support for easing marijuana laws, the House of Representatives voted in ...

New York Times calls for legalization of marijuana across US

New York- Influential US daily The New York Times called Sunday for the United States to legalize marijuana for recreational users over 21.

New York Times calls for marijuana legalization - Capital FM

... York state on July 9, 2014 in New York City/AFP. WASHINGTON, July 27- The New York Times called for the legalization of marijuana on Saturday, in a bold editorial comparing the federal ban on cannabis to Prohibition.


NY Times endorses marijuana legalization

Politico (blog): The New York Times editorial board endorsed the repeal of federal law banning marijuana use on Saturday, a landmark moment in the decades-long fight for legalization. The Times is also rolling out an interactive six-part series with more editorials ...

New York Times Editorial Board Backs Marijuana Legalization

In the first installment of an editorial series on the legalization issue, the board said the U.S. government should “repeal the ban on marijuana.” It added that its members came to their decision after witnessing the “rapidly growing movement among ...

New York Times Editorial Board Calls for Marijuana Legalization

Mashable: The editorial comes as states across the country have begun to challenge conventional marijuana laws. Washington and Colorado legalized the sale of marijuana this year, and New York legalized the use of medical marijuana earlier this month. The Times ...

New York Times Editorial Board advocates repealing pot prohibition

Marijuana legalization advocates picked up a big endorsement this weekend as the New York Times

Legalize It? NY Times Says Its Time For Pot Prohibition Repeal

The push for marijuana legalization looks to be an undeniable trend in the United States, and that movement got a big boost recently, as no less than the New York Times editorial board endorsed a repeal of this country’s existing cannabis prohibition laws. In an editorial published on Sunday, titled “Repeal Prohibition, Again,” the Times


New York Times endorses marijuana legalization

Washington Post: July 28, 2014 6:24 PM EDT — The New York Times released the first of a six-part editorial in support of the legalization of marijuana on Monday. The article compares the ban of marijuana to the prohibition of alcohol in the 20s and 30s. (Reuters) ...

A New Phase In the Marijuana Legalization Debate

It's also that the central question of the debate has changed, and changed to what legalization advocates have been asking for a long time. Instead of asking "Is smoking marijuana good or bad?", we're now asking "Is marijuana prohibition better or ...

Alaska Marijuana Legalization Campaign Files Complaint Against Opponents

The Weed Blog (blog): regulate marijuana like alcohol alaska legalization 2014 Alaska will be voting on marijuana legalization this November. Alaska was the first state to qualify a marijuana legalization initiative for the 2014 Election. Since Alaska was approved, Oregon ...

Marijuana Legalization Could Be Causing Increase In Homeless Young People

Huffington Post: DENVER (AP) — Officials at some Denver homeless shelters say the legalization of marijuana has contributed to an increase in the number of younger people living on the city's streets. One organization dealing with the increase is Urban Peak, which ...

Marijuana Legalization Spikes Teen Use? Nope.

For many years, there were several arguments that anti-legalization forces leaned on to keep pot at bay, medicinal or otherwise. One by one those arguments have been deflated and disproven. As it turns out, marijuana is not a “gateway” to …

Political debate over pot legalization heats up in Canada, U.S.

The political debate over marijuana legalization in Canada could soon intensify, following a New York Times editorial that calls for the U.S. federal government to repeal its 44-year ban on pot.

Marijuana Legalization Gets Big Boost As Congress Bill Aims To Legalize Medical Strains

Marijuana legalization efforts got a big boost this week when a new bipartisan bill was introduced in Congress to legalize strains used to treat illness. The bill took its inspiration from a strain of marijuana called Chartlotte’s Web for 7-year-old Charlotte Figi, a Colorado girl with a rare form of epilepsy. Her parents treated her


Texas Sheriff's Association Against Legalization Of Marijuana

CBS Local: DENTON (CBSDFW.COM) - The Texas Sheriff's Association says they don't want the legalization of marijuana to ever happen in Texas. Denton County Sheriff Will Travis led a vote among other sheriffs Monday, passing a resolution opposing the legalization ...

Pot Legalization Activists Are Stoked The New York Times Went 'Mainstream'

When The New York Times' Editorial Board called for the federal legalization of marijuana over the weekend, it didn't say anything marijuana activists hadn't already been saying for years. "It's a sign of just how mainstream this debate has become," Tom Angell, the Chairman of Marijuana Majority told The Wire. "It's very significant, and it's going to help embolden public officials," to publicly ...

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