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Uruguay: the world's laboratory for marijuana legalisation

The Guardian: If the marijuana legalization proposal becomes a law, Uruguay will be the first country to legalize the cannabis commercialization, a move other countries will no doubt watch and maybe follow. "It is not like 'viva la pepa' (let the good times roll ...
Marijuana Legalization Efforts in California Unify for 2016

- 2 weeks ago @ Americans For Policy Reform , the group behind the Marijuana Control, Legalization and Revenue Act of 2016 , is pleased to announce a collaboration with the cannabis freedom lawyers behind the California ...

Marijuana legalization becoming a hot topic again in Michigan

- 2 weeks ago @ LANSING, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A controversial topic is heating up once again--the legalization of marijuana in Michigan.

Michigan proposal would legalize recreational marijuana

- 2 weeks ago @ Michigan would legalize the use of marijuana for recreational use under the wording of a proposed ballot initiative submitted Thursday, the first of what could be competing legalization efforts.

Marijuana backers look for growth in Ohio

- 2 weeks ago @ First of three parts

San Francisco


Marijuana Legalization Poll: 53% Support Recreational; 84% Support Medical

The Daily Chronic: NEW YORK, NY — A new poll conducted by CBS News has found that 53% of Americans support legalizing marijuana for recreational use by adults, identical findings that mirror a Pew Research Center poll released last week. The findings of the CBS News ...

How new blood in Washington, DC could impact the marijuana industry

Fortune: Leonhart, who is leaving amid a scandal over DEA agents engaging in sex parties with prostitutes supplied by drug cartels, is known to be a steadfast opponent of marijuana legalization who once refused to say whether or not she believed marijuana to be ...

One marijuana legalization effort faces setback, but others are in the pipeline But the petition from the group, Legalize Marijuana in Ohio, is only one of several efforts from various interests that seek to legalize pot in the state. The group could revise its petition. Even if it doesn't, at least one other effort to let Ohio ...

5 lessons for California on marijuana legalization

Advocates, business leaders and other stakeholders around California are busily drafting proposals to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana, and it appears all but certain that one will make it onto the November 2016 ballot. It also appears it would pass.

Marijuana Business Incubator Launches In Texas As Entrepreneurs Anticipate - International Business Times

Although the state hasn't legalized marijuana use at this point, one enterprising incubator has taken on a number of pot entrepreneurs making big plans for the next few years. The Texas Cannabis Industry Association (TCIA) has already begun working ...

Marijuana Legalization In Ohio 2015: Voters Could Decide To Legalize Weed In

Pro-pot activists in Ohio are making headway in getting legal marijuana on the 2015 ballot. The group behind a proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize recreational weed in the state has collected more than half of the 306,000 signatures ...

Baby Boomers Increasingly Behind Legalizing Marijuana

Huffington Post: The support for legalizing marijuana has grown rapidly over the last decade but the oldest Americans aren't ready to sign off on it yet. Four states and Washington, D.C. have passed measures legalizing marijuana, and today 53 percent of Americans favor ...

This Story Made Glenn Beck So Mad He's Now Considering Supporting Glenn Beck on Thursday came close to endorsing the legalization of marijuana, but after his radio co-hosts pressed him on the matter, decided he wanted to hear a debate between the experts before making a final statement. Beck was discussing the story ...









Ohio marijuana legalization supporters moving toward signature-gathering goals A group targeting the November 2015 ballot to get its issue to legalize marijuana before Ohio voters said it collected more than 160,000 signatures on petitions in less than a month. An effort targeting the 2016 ballot, meanwhile, soon plans to ask the ...

Marijuana Legalization Alabama 2015: Senate To Consider First Medical

While support for marijuana legalization across the U.S. now hovers around 51 percent, in the South, that figure drops to about 47 percent, according to the latest Gallup polling. Conservatives surveyed were 42 percent less likely than liberals to ...

Ala. medicinal marijuana bill barely passes Senate committee

The Herald: Residents of Alabama stand outside of the state house in favor of medicinal marijuana legalization at a rally, Wednesday, April 22, 2015, in Montgomery, Ala. The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear arguments for and against legalizing medicinal marijuana.

Small businesses impacted by religious freedom bills, marijuana legalization

RT: Manta conducted a series of polls among its small business community, and found that “2015 is shaping up to be a politically charged year for small businesses — from Indiana to presidential candidates to the legalization of marijuana,” the company ...

Poll: Most VA Voters in Favor of Some Form of Marijuana Legalization

A new Quinnipiac University poll found 86 percent of Virginia voters favor legalizing medical marijuana while 54 percent support legalizing recreational marijuana use.

Lecturers discuss legalized marijuana

About 300 South County students, parents and community members got a taste of what marijuana legalization could bring to California if the state follows Colorado’s lead. Guest speakers Ben Cort and Dr. Judith Landau visited San Clemente on April 2...

The Fix: The long-term power of the ‘War on Drugs, ’ in two graphs

The reasons people oppose marijuana legalization are steeped in old rhetoric.


Is Glenn Beck About to Endorse the Legalization of Marijuana? Glenn Beck on Thursday came close to endorsing the legalization of marijuana, but after his radio co-hosts pressed him on the matter, decided he wanted to hear a debate between the experts before making a final statement. Beck was discussing the story ...

Rallies push for full legalization of marijuana

KARE: The group Minnesota Normal advocates for the complete legalization of cannabis in the state. Medical marijuana will become available to some persons on July 1. "Too many are dying, waiting, for this medicine," David Brown of Madison, Minnesota told an ...

Virginia, Colorado voters support legalization of marijuana: poll

Majorities of voters in the key swing states of Colorado and Virginia back the legalization of marijuana for personal use and overwhelmingly support the legalization of medicinal marijuana, a new poll shows. Fifty-four percent of Virginia voters support recreational pot compared to 41 percent who oppose it, and ...


Marijuana Legalization 2015: Meet The 20 Most Influential People In Cannabis

Marijuana has come a long way. In just a few short years, the drug has gone from being banned throughout the United States to holding some legal status for the majority of Americans. As of April 20, four states have legalized recreational use of ...

Marijuana Legalization: President Obama, US Senators Offer Support For

U.S. President Barack Obama said he was in favor of further investigation into possible positive impacts of marijuana during an interview with CNN's Sanjay Gupta that will air Sunday night. In this photo, Obama addresses a joint news conference with ...

Marijuana Legalization: Advocates Introduce Ballot Initiative To Permit

Advocates in Arizona introduced a ballot initiative Friday to legalize recreational marijuana. If its backers collect enough signatures to support the idea, it could land in the voters' hands next year. Shown above is the sign outside WeGrow, a ...

Calif. voters may decide pot legalization in ’16

By Philip Ross, International Business Times Marijuana legalization is once again lighting up California politics. The country’s largest state, along with Arizona and Nevada, has a ballot measure in the works to get legal weed before voters next November. Advocates of legalization in California say if they can get marijuana to the polls in 2016, […]


Obama signals support for legalizing medical marijuana

Quartz: In a CNN documentary aired for the first time Sunday night, on the eve of the informal April 20 holiday celebrating cannabis subculture, US president Barack Obama reiterated his support for medicinal use of marijuana and moving towards ...

Marijuana legalization ballot drive launched in Michigan

Marijuana legalization ballot drive launched in Michigan Michigan would legalize the use of marijuana for recreational use under the wording of a proposed ballot initiative submitted Thursday, the first of what could be competing legalization efforts. AP Wire Lansing Apr 10, 2015 (function(e,t){if(t._ym===void 0){t._ym="";var m=e.createElement("script");m.type="text/javascript",m.async=!0,m.src ...


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